About Us

About Us

It all started with the dream of the three brothers to do what they liked, which would bring pleasure, and other people positive emotions and unforgettable memories. A long path of development was passed before the common hobby turned into the work of all life.

We are not looking for easy ways, because we are guided by the principles that parents have raised in us - the love of work, responsibility for own actions and under any circumstances remain people. We are deeply convinced that these beliefs are key to personal growth and success in general.

The first thing that distinguishes us from other jewelry brands is the independent development and manufacture of jewelry.

We create all the decorations in our workshop on our own. This allows us to control the manufacturing process and maintain high quality products. Many models are created completely by hand (for example, rings in the mokume gane technique), some by wax modeling, 3D modeling, after which the virtual model is cut from the wax on the milling machine. The workshop serves as our second home in which we not only work, but also rest, getting inspiration.

It is an concept by Eka Shabadakh and the jeweler brother Kochut to present jewellery from a new perspective in Vienna.

The Kochut brothers are the talented goldsmiths who lead a unique and promising jewelry line, creating unique hand-crafted jewellery of precious metals and natural stones.

Eka Meinhart is the initiator of the project and the common passion for jewellery, art and the special in life connect her and the brothers.